Ukrainian apple exports grew sharply in November


The monthly volume of Ukrainian apple exports for the first time exceeded 8,000 tonnes, having increased by 55% in November 2018 compared with November 2017.

 “For the first time, Ukraine exported more than 8,000 tonnes of apples a month, if not to take into account Ukrainian apples only. Although there still a significant volume of apple exports from Ukraine, about 51% are intended for re-export to Russia, as evidenced by deliveries to Belarus and Moldova; the export growth in other areas is impressive,” said Fedir Rybalko, the head of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association, the EastFruit reports.

He also pointed to the increase in shipments of Ukrainian apples to the countries of the European Union, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

"According to our estimates, about a quarter of the apple exports accrued to the EU countries, though half of those exports were organic apples for making juice and puree as well as apple concentrate. Moreover, about 12% of the apple exports accounted for the countries of the Middle East," the head of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association stressed.

Bulgaria is a major importer of Ukrainian apples among the EU member states as almost half of all export shipments of fresh apples from Ukraine to the EU were made to Bulgaria. Sweden became the second largest importer with a share of about 27% of the apples exported by Ukraine to the EU for the fresh market.

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