Ukrainian barley exports up 19% from last season


Ukrainian barley exports kept their faster pace in April-May 2017. In total, the country has exported 5.25 MMT of barley this season, i.e. already 19% more than for the whole last season (4.4 MMT was shipped abroad in MY 2015/16), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Deliveries of Ukrainian barley to Libya reached a record 920 KMT. Exports to the EU market increased 53% to 348 KMT against 227 KMT for the whole last season.

This season witnessed a rise in Ukrainian barley shipments to almost all the key export destinations. Supplies to Jordan expanded more than 2.5 times, to Israel doubled and exports to Algeria gained 50%. Shipments of Ukrainian barley to Morocco expanded almost sixfold and its deliveries to Tunisia rose sevenfold.

In addition, noteworthy is some recovery of barley exports from Ukraine to Turkey. In the period under review, Ukrainian exporters shipped 128 KMT of barley to this country against 11 KMT in MY 2015/16.



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