Ukrainian corn crops are in fair condition


Temperature swings and the absence of productive precipitation towards July 20, generally favoring the harvest of early spiked cereals, were extremely adverse to yield formation in spring crops. The latter particularly concerns soya, corn, sunflower, potatoes, sugar beet, whose roots are located primarily in the top 0-50-cm soil layer, which is unfortunately too dry now.

Corn crops are in fair condition. An air temperature drop to 23-250С in the daytime and 9-120С at night had a negative impact on the growth and development processes in corn as a warm-weather crop. A 6-7 delay is reported in the development of plants. Early-ripening hybrids of corn are beginning flowering, while its middle-early hybrids are at the tasseling stage. The plant height varies within a wide range of 116 to 275 cm, depending on the growing practices. Crop density equals 76,000-79,000 plants per ha. Their loss was not significant over the growing season. The content of dry matter in leaves and stems equals 13-14% with a vegetative mass yield of up to 69.1 MT/ha in the best fields under intensive growing practices. Weeds are emerging in corn crops because of rain. Weed density is 3-10 plans per sq. m, but their mass is insignificant and has no considerable impact on corn growth and development.

In the course of conducted crop surveys it was found out that the overwhelming majority of winter cereal plantings are in good and fair condition and grain ripening in them is drawing to an end.

According to the Farming Institute of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, early spring cereals (wheat, oats, triticale) are at the beginning of full maturity of grain, while spring barley is fully ripe.

Buckwheat is at the stage of seed formation and ripening.



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