Ukrainian corn crops in fair condition


It was moderately warm in Ukraine during the last ten days of August. Precipitation occurred in the form of thundery showers on August 27-29, being ineffective and totaling at most 4-12 mm. This short-term improvement of moisture conditions in the majority of Ukrainian plantings of late crops will not actually influence their productivity, but slow down grain drying to some degree, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The weather conditions of the past ten days were diverse for growth completion by late crops and directly depended on rainfalls. So, these conditions were good or fair in the westernmost and northernmost areas, where precipitation of various intensities occurred and relative air humidity increased. Despite abnormally high average daily and maximum air temperatures for this region, late crops continued growing. In the west, сorn grain reached milky ripeness on vast expanses close to the multi-year average dates, while in the southern and eastern regions this happened 2-3 weeks ahead of the average time.

The general state of corn crops is fair, depending on the planting date and the hybrid’s ripening time.

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