Ukrainian corn exports to EU surpassed last season’s volume


Ukraine continues exporting corn at a record pace. The country exported 1868 KMT of corn in June 2017, or twice as much as in June 2016 (920 KMT).

Ukrainian corn exports for the ten months totaled 20.05 MMT, i.e. already 20% more than for the whole last season (16.76 MMT was shipped abroad in MY 2015/16).

Noteworthy, Ukrainian corn deliveries to the European Union market at the time managed to catch up with last year’s pace. According to market participants, Ukraine has exported 8.9 MMT of corn to the EU in the 2016/17 season, including July’s deliveries. This is up 5% from MY 2015/16 (8.5 MMT).

Also, Ukrainian exporters continue actively supplying corn to Egypt. So, Ukraine has already exported 3.3 MMT of corn to Egypt in the 2016/17 season, or 53% more than for the whole last season (2.15 MMT was supplied there in MY 2015/16).

In addition, Ukraine has been actively shipping corn to the Chinese market over the last months. According to preliminary information of market participants, roughly 1.4 MMT of Ukrainian corn has been exported to China this season.

In view of so brisk shipments toward the end of the season, Ukraine’s 2016/17 corn exports may total as much as 21 MMT.




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