Ukrainian export increased by 12,7% in 2018


The export of the Ukrainian goods increased by 12,7% during the first seven months of 2018 in comparison with the same period of time in 2017 as the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade reported.

The total sum of the export is $26,9 billion. Thus, the growth of the Ukrainian export continues for 19 months in a row.

The products of the agriculture and food industry remain to be at the first place in the structure of the export with the sum of $9.8 billion, however, it is noted that its shared reduced by 0,6% in comparison with the first seven months of 2017. The products of the metallurgical complex are at the second place with the sum of $7.2 billion or 30,1% more than last year.

Also, the Ukrainian producers exported the engineering products ($3.2 billion, growth 14,9%), mineral products ($2.5 billion, growth 7,4%), chemical industry products ($1.5 billion, growth 26,1%), wood and paper pulp ($1.2 billion, growth 29,5%) and the products of the light industry ($716.7 million, growth 18,7%).

Talking about percentage, the agriculture is a leader with 36,4% from all amount of the Ukrainian export. The metallurgical complex is at the second place with 26,8% and the engineering products are at the third place with 11,8%.

The main direction of the export is still the EU.

"The EU remains to be the largest trade partner of Ukraine. The export of the goods to the countries of the EU increased by 18,7% in comparison with the first seven months of 2017 and made about $11.3 billion. At the same time, its proportion in the total export from Ukraine is 42,1%. Besides the EU, Ukraine sold mostly products to Russia (8%), Turkey (5,8%), India (5,2%), China (4,2%) and Egypt (4,1%)," the ministry reported.

Earlier we reported that the Ukrainian producers have filled 100% of the volume of the tariff quota for the duty-free export of the number of the goods to the EU and almost completely filled some other quota.

Also, for the first time in five years, wheat export declined in the 2017-2018 season by 9,6%compared with the previous season. The geography of wheat export didn't change over the years: Saudi Arabia purchases the majority. Summarizing the results of the season, the purchasing level remained the same as it was in 2017.


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