Ukrainian fat and oil complex: ready for new achievements


Quite high demand for sunflower oil and attractive prices promoted sunflower oil production and exports growth in Ukraine in season 2015/16.

During September-June all Ukrainian enterprises produced 4020.8 KMT of sunflower oil, 80% or 3350.7 KMT of which were produced by large and medium-sized enterprises. It means that this season production is nearly 100 KMT higher than last marketing year, but still lower than in season 2013/14. As a reminder, in the 2013/14 marketing only large and medium-sized enterprises of Ukraine produced 4200.8 KMT of sunflower oil, which was all-time high.

UkrAgroConsult estimates that in the current season sunflower oil production will reach second largest level and will be slightly less than in the record 2013/14 season.

Meanwhile, Ukraine will ship to foreign markets record high sunflower oil volumes in the 2015/16 season. Thus, in the current season (September-June) sunflower oil export shipments from Ukraine reached a record high level of 3867 KMT.

Two months remain before the new season’s start. Sunflower seed gets ripe in Ukrainian fields, while companies prepare to work with raw materials of the future rich harvest, and consumers are in anticipation of new offers and adequate prices in sunflower oil market. Sunflower oil market is ready for new achievements.

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