Ukrainian flour exports turned downward


Ukrainian exporters reduced flour supplies to foreign markets in September-October. So, 31.2 KMT of flour was exported from Ukraine in October 2016, or 7% less than in October 2015.

However, owing to a high start of exports at the beginning of the season, in July, the 2016/17 flour export volume does somewhat exceed that registered by the same date a year ago. Ukraine exported 123.6 KMT of flour for the first four months of the current season (up 2.3% from July-October 2015/16), reports UkrAgroConsult.

China retains its top position among the export markets of Ukrainian flour this season. The country absorbed one-quarter of Ukraine’s total flour exports at the time. South Korea also remains a key destination for the product.

Noteworthy is that Arab and African countries are building up imports of Ukrainian flour in 2016/17. So, over the season’s four months, Angola climbed up the ranking of Ukrainian flour’s buyers, from the end to the third line, and thereby caught up with Korea. Angola imported 11.8 KMT of Ukrainian flour in the period under review, or 57% more than for the entire season a year ago.

The most significant Arab destinations include the UAE, which has already doubled flour purchases from Ukraine (6.2 KMT against 3.15 KMT in 2015/16).

More information on Ukrainian flour market is available in UkrAgroConsult's report "Ukraine. Wheat flour and bran market".




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