Ukrainian soybean complex conquers new markets


In the 2015/16 season Ukrainian farmers obtained all-time high soybean crop - 3927 KMT. Firstly, this result was achieved owing to acreage expansion to record 2200 Th ha.

According to UkrAgroConsult, over the past ten years Ukrainian soybean exports increased significantly, while markets were diversified. Export geography already included 33 countries.

ukraine soybean exportGiven the persisting demand for soybean processed products in the world, as well as increased oilseed crushing capacities in Ukraine, record high exports are quite explainable.

UkrAgroConsult notes that this was achieved not only owing to increase in existing export markets capacity, but also thanks to new markets. For instance, Ukrainian soybean meal was supplied to consumers from more than ten countries for the first time ever.

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