Ukrainian sunflower oil: raw material or a premium product?


(adapted from the 5th International Conference Black Sea Oil Trade)

Over the last 20 years, Ukraine’s fat-and-oil sector has been developing towards growth of sunseed crushing capacities. So, UkrAgroConsult expects their total to reach 20 MMT by 2020.

It is natural that sunflower plantings expand with a reduction of wheat planted acreage. Roughly equal areas – 6.3 Ml ha – have been seeded to either of these crops over the last two seasons. Sunflower growing still boasts the highest margins among other crops in Ukraine (over 60%), though this percentage has lost almost 20% over the past year.

Ukraine still holds the top position in the global sunoil market, where the country accounts for 34% of the commodity’s total production and for 57% of its exports. World analysts predict the consumption share of sunoil to decrease to 8% by 2025 (down 1%). In turn, palm oil’s portion will expand to 43% against 34% in 2010.

Sunoil price traditionally depends on world prices in the competing market segments, which currently pressure it. In addition, sunoil is still underestimated, though its qualities are on a par with premium oils, even surpass them for some parameters. 

Considering the Ukrainian sunoil market’s prospects, the long-term strategy here must envisage promoting sunoil as a premium product and creating a national brand in order to minimize the impact of negative factors and avoid developments similar to those previously seen in the sugar market.

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