Ukrainian sunflower resists heat


Last week weather conditions were dry and hot with rains, limited to some regions of South and East. In Kherson region precipitations were observed on July, 31 and August, 02. Such conditions speeded up development processes in oilseeds and worsened grain filling in soybeans and sunflower.

Sunflower was at the stage of maturation and in some places – flowering. Basket diameter was 15-20 сm, plants height was within 143-218 cm. Sunflower condition was mainly good and satisfactory in some places. In the West and Centre of Kherson region yellowing of lower leave apparatus was observed.  Soil moisture stocks in 1 meter soil layer were 33-46 mm.

Beans formation continued in soybean plants. 1 plant formed on average 21-25 beans, which were 1 cm long. Plants were 52-67 cm high. Crops condition was mostly satisfactory. Premature yellowing of leaves was seen at bottom leave apparatus.




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