Ukrainian sunoil exports decreased 11% in Q1 2018


According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian sunoil exports totaled 1.41 MMT to an amount of USD 1.06 Bl in January-March 2018 that was down 11.07% year-on-year, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The top sunoil importers at the time included India (USD 507.85 Ml worth), Iraq (USD 71.59 Ml worth) and Spain (USD 66.23 Ml worth). Sunoil supplies to these countries totaled 676.17 KMT, 95.3 KMT and 88.23 KMT, respectively.

Exporters shipped abroad 8.36 KMT of sunseed to an amount of USD 4.48 Ml in the first three months of the current year.

The largest importers of Ukrainian sunseed at the time included Italy (USD 1.08 Ml worth), Georgia (USD 0.56 Ml worth), and Romania (USD 0.47 Ml worth). Sunseed exports to these countries totaled 2.01 KMT, 1.04 KMT and 0.88 KMT, respectively.

Simultaneously, 18.68 KMT of sunseed was imported in January-March.

As a reminder, Ukraine exported 5.76 MMT of sunoil to an amount of USD 4.3 Bl and 73.23 KMT of sunseed to an amount of USD 29.73 Ml in 2017.



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