Ukrainian walnut industry struggles to gain market share


According to a USDA report released this month, global walnut production for 2015/16 is estimated to rise 155,000 tons from the previous year to 2.0 million tons, with China and the United States accounting for over 75 percent of total output. World exports, dominated by the United States, Chile, and Ukraine, are expected to increase from 73,000 tons to 684,000 tons.   

This year's Ukrainian walnut production has increased by 3,000 tons this year compared to the previous season, totalling 63,000 tons. Exports, once dominated by shipments to Russia, are struggling to gain market share in the EU and China.

The Ukraine is actively trying to improve the situation and a memorandum of cooperation was recently signed between Ukrainian and Moldovan producer associations to further the development of the walnut industry with the development and introduction of new varieties and new technologies.

In particular, Moldova has pledged to further scientific research into new varieties. By working together, the two countries are hoping to attract extra investment in the industry to increase production and ultimately exports.

"This is an important step for both of our countries. We have seen a lot of skill development in the nut industry over the past 10 years with the creation of our association. At the same time, we have had many positive experiences with Ukrainian growers and feel that it is very important to exchange knowledge." said Oleg Tirsina, president of the Moldovan Association of Nut Producers.

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