Ukrainians vote for cognac substitute name in Ukraine


Ukrainians have voted for a new, substitute name for cognac in Ukraine in an online poll. The new name "Ukrainian Brandy/Brandy of Ukraine" was supported by 25.6% of voters, the Geographical Indications in Ukraine project wrote on Facebook on January 14.

According to the results of the poll, other options were the following: Burshtyn ("Amber")/Burshtynok/Burshtyniak was supported by 9.4% of votes; Gaister ("White Stork") by 8.5%; Kianok by 7.9%; Dubovyk ("Lurid Bolete") /Dubnyar by 7.2%; Brunat (meaning "Brown Color") by 5.3%; Cannuk by 4.5%; Ukrgniac/Ukraniac by 4.3%; Soncedar ("Gift of the Sun")/Sundar/Winedar by 3.3%; and Brevis ("Breve") by 3%. All other options scored less than 3% of votes.

Late in January, Ukraine's Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry is planning to meet with cognac producers to discuss the new name of the product. The results of the poll are expected to be presented there, the report said. As UNIAN reported earlier, in December 2018, the Ukrainian Economic Development and Trade Ministry began registering Ukraine's first food product with a protected geographical indication of origin, that is "Hutsul Sheep Bryndzya" (brinsen cheese).

UNIAN memo. The Geographical Indications in Ukraine project is funded by the European Union. It is to be implemented within 2017-2020. The project is designed to help Ukraine develop an identification system for products with properties and reputation, primarily due to their place of origin.


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