UkrOliya forecasts a decline in the high-oleic sunoil segment


According to UkrOliya Company’s forecasts, the 2017/18 total crop of high-oleic sunseed in Ukraine will fall by 27% against MY 2016/17 to some 490 KMT. The reasons will include a 23% decrease in its plantings (to 200 Th ha) and a 7% lower yield (2.42 MT/ha).

The premium for high-oleic sunoil will be roughly USD 120-130/MT in MY 2017/18. It may even reach USD 140/MT in view of strong demand.

Taking into account segregation, sunseed processing into high-oleic sunoil may amount to some 400 KMT in MY 2017/18 (down 23% year-on-year).

Domestic consumption of high-oleic sunoil in Ukraine is predicted to rise to 4.5 KMT (double the three-year average).

As a reminder, UkrOliya Company is now Ukraine’s tenth ranking exporter of high-oleic sunoil with a 2.2% in this product’s overall exports. Also, the company is the third largest exporter of refined high-oleic sunoil with a 20% share, informs UkrAgroConsult.




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