UkrOliyaProm reports preliminary results of the fat-and-oil sector’s foreign economic operations in 2017


According to preliminary results of 2017, the turnover of fat-and-oil sales increased 13.8% to over USD 5.77 Bl against USD 5.07 Bl a year ago, UkrOliyaProm Association reports.

Fat-and-oil exports account for 95.3% of the Association’s commodity turnover. The largest shares in their total volume are represented by sunoil (78%) and sunmeal (14.6%).

Fat-and-oil imports to Ukraine gained 8.5% in 2017 against the previous year. At the same time, the import share of margarines and special fats fell by 9.7%, while their exports grew by 69%.

In addition, with a 13.3% rise in palm oil imports to Ukraine, exports of palm oil fractions produced in Ukraine increased 141.5%.

The agricultural products which generated the foreign trade surplus (over USD 13 Bl) include sunflower oil and meal. They accounted for more than USD 5 Bl (38%) out of the above amount.



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