UkrOliyaProm’s data on crushing capacities as of the beginning of 2018


According to UkrOliyaProm Association, oilseed crushing capacities totaled 21.5 MMT in late December 2017. This makes it possible to process the grown crop (soybeans, rapeseed, sunseed) in full. Oilseed crushing capacities have increased eightfold since 1998. They were estimated at 2.5 MMT in 1998.

Soybean and rapeseed crushing capacities reached 4 MMT and 2 MMT a year, respectively. However, they are just 20% utilized due to active exports of soybeans and rapeseed.

Over the years since independence, 60 new crushers have been constructed and all existing ones have been reconstructed and upgraded. The total amount of investments into the industry development exceeds USD 3 Bl.

Infrastructure in ports also develops: 16 terminals have been constructed at six ports (90% of vegoils are exported by sea).



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