Update on the harvesting campaign in ASTARTA


ASTARTA’s subsidiaries are successfully conducting autumn field works on the harvesting of the technical crops and preparation of soils for the following year. As of the middle of September, the Company already harvested 80% of the area under soybean and 40% under sunflower, the harvesting of the corn has just started. The Company carries on harvesting of sugar beet for further processing at the sugar plants of the Group.

The current average yield of soybeans is 2.1 tonnes per ha, the average yield of sugar beet is up to 50 tonnes per ha with a potentional of further growth. Sunflower yield of 2.5 tonnes per ha exceeds the budged one.

Beyond that, ASTARTA started sowing campaign of winter crops. As of today, over 7 thousand hectared were planted under winter wheat. Further soil preparation for sowing of crops in spring will take place in line with the completion of the current harvesting campaign.



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