US. 2017 wheat harvest could be better than expected


The wheat harvest in Kansas could start this weekend and while it still isn’t clear what kind of crop it will be, it seems that it might be better than previously anticipated.

As The Wichita Eagle reports, the state’s wheat crop has been hit with its fair share of challenges this year – a winter drought, a freak late-season blizzard, a freeze, hail and disease impacted the crop in different parts of the state.

Those conditions led the U.S.D.A. last month to predict a 38 percent drop in wheat production from 2016, but some experts are now predicting an average harvest.

Wheat in western Kansas that was covered in over a foot of snow from a late-April blizzard wasn’t expected to fare well, but many reports say the wheat is coming back better than originally thought.

Another issue facing this year’s wheat crop is an outbreak of wheat streak mosaic, a viral disease spread by the wheat curl mite that compromises development and therefore cuts yields.

The U.S.D.A. was expected to release an updated projection on the crop Thursday


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