US beef exports to Asia maintain momentum


Total US beef and by-product exports to Japan, Korea and Taiwan maintained their momentum through the end of 2016, with volumes up 26%, 42% and 25% respectively, according to the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF). In addition, exports to Indonesia ended the year at 10,783 tonnes, up from only 1,536 tonnes in 2015 and 6,559 tonnes in 2014. Exports to Vietnam also maintained a higher pace throughout the year, up 47% at 6,211 tonnes. For 2017, the US remains hopeful to regain access to China’s beef market.

“Buying interest is intense, but we are trying to manage expectations as we expect China’s import conditions will require us to establish a special cattle and beef production supply chain unique for Chinese customers,” Joel Haggard, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific, told Asian Agribiz. This will require additional US government certification and verification that will add costs to the product, he added.


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