US biodiesel production, imports in October rise from September: EPA


US production and imports of biomass-based diesel rose by 12.11 million gallons in October compared with September, Environmental Protection Agency data showed Thursday.

Biodiesel production and imports reached 227.5 million gallons in October, rising 5.6% from September. The total also was 3.2 million gallons, or 1.43%, higher than in October 2016.

The EPA data also showed an increase in D4 RINs generation in October compared with September. More than 349 million biodiesel RINs were generated last month, a climb of 18.6 million RINs from September and up by more than 6 million RINs from the same month last year.

Historically, the US has obtained a large portion of its biodiesel and D4 RINs from imported product. But recent antidumping duties levied against Argentina and Indonesia have stemmed the flow of biodiesel from those countries.

Through October, imported RINs generation accounted for 19% of the total number of D4s. Last year that figure was over 21%.


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