US ethanol RIN production rises in January, output of other RINs fall: EPA


The number of ethanol renewable identification numbers (RINs) generated in the US in January rose by 5.57 million RINs, or 0.44%, compared with December to 1.283 billion RINs, US Environmental Protection Agency data showed Thursday.

The number of biomass-based diesel (D4) RINs generated in January fell by 132.13 million RINs, or 36.34%, compared with December to 231 million RINs.

Monthly advanced biofuel (D5) RIN generation fell by 2.36 million RINs, or 34.52%, to 4.48 million RINs.

The number of cellulosic biofuel (D3) RINs generated decreased by 25.8 million RINs month on month, or 96.42%, to 956,000 RINs.

Overall RINs generation in January totaled 1.52 billion RINs, down 153.89 million RINs or 9.2% from December.

The EPA issues RINs to track renewable fuel usage throughout the supply chain. Refiners and importers -- called obligated parties -- use them to show the EPA they have fulfilled their government mandated use of renewable fuels. If the obligated party has not used enough physical product, it can buy RINs to satisfy the quota.


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