US farmers asked Trump to continue Obama's policy towards Cuba


Dozens of American farmers and agricultural unions, the U.S. signed a letter to the elected President of the USA of Donald trump asking to continue the foreign policy of the incumbent President Barack Obama against Cuba, according to Reuters

Among the signers of the letter – the lobbying of the Association of private farmers, manufacturers, beans, soybean, corn, rice, wheat and other crops. The letter and its signing was organized by the Coalition for cooperation with Cuba (Cuba Engage Coalition) and lobbying Association USA Rice.

On the evening of 12 January it became known that the United States stop the policy of "wet/dry foot" against the Cuban refugees. Under this policy, the citizens of Cuba as an exception to obtain a residence permit in the United States in the case of escape from Cuba and in the future could become U.S. citizens. This policy took effect immediately upon signing.

Earlier, in December 2016, the Director of the division for relations with the United States of the Cuban foreign Ministry Josefina Vidal officially declared that the Cuban authorities are going to sign with US at least 12 agreements prior to the entry of Donald trump in the post. 28 Nov trump has said he will break the agreement on normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba if the authorities of the island will not improve the terms of the agreement and does not stop mass violations of human rights.


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