USA may invest in agriculture in Ukraine up to $100 million


American Navigator Principal Investors Fund may invest in the Ukrainian ports and agriculture of $ 100 million

This was stated by the head of Fund of Navigator Principal Investors LLC Kyle Shostak (Shostak Kyle). "We are looking at ports and agriculture. There are not many ports... We're looking at Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson and large farmers,"he said following the meeting of Russian and American business in the Trade mission of the Russian Federation in new York.

"We're talking about private companies (for our investment – ed.) and are talking about investing up to 100 million", he added.

He also said that he decided to consider investing in Ukraine after a three year break. He looks at the paper with a yield of 15%. "The business climate there is probably not a very good one. I wish he was more transparent. But I see there is a great need for investment. They work hard enough, attracting investors. Especially in infrastructure projects. I, of course, concerned about any news with the resumption of hostilities. This is the main problem", — he said.

In addition, Ukraine and Russia are also considering new investments in Kazakhstan (gas field), and the canadian company, which received a license to transfer money to Cuba, said Shostak.


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