USDA analysts expect a decline in world production of oranges


The Ministry of agriculture, U.S. (USDA) expects a decline in world orange production to 45.3 million tons in the season 2017/18, according to Thus, his figure is 8% below the result of the previous season

According to the USDA estimations, the global decline in production of oranges was largely due to the lower crop in Brazil, the EU and the US that cannot be fully compensated by its growth in China.

As for the US orange production in this country will continue to show negative dynamics, having decreased by 23% to 3.6 million tons. It should be noted that the volume of harvest of this fruit consistently decreasing in the US since the 2011-12 season, and, moreover, will be only about a third of the level of production, celebrated 20 years ago. Orange production in Brazil will decline by 15% to 17.3 million tons and EU countries will gather at 8% less products than in the previous season (a total of 17.3 million tons). At the same time, a similar figure to China will presumably grow by 4.1% - to 7,3 million tons


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