USDA raised its oilseed crop forecast for the Black Sea region


In its March report, the USDA raised the forecast for 2017/18 oilseed production in the Black Sea region.

The figure for Kazakhstan’s sunseed crop was adjusted upwards to 903 KMT (+153 KMT), while that for Russian production was cut to 10,362 KMT (-138 KMT). Consequently, the total Black Sea crop ended up slightly higher than in the previous forecast, at 26,515 KMT (+15 KMT).

The total soybean crop was increased to 7,596 KMT at the expense of a 121 KMT gain in Russian production (3,621 KMT).

The USDA predicts the Black Sea rapeseed crop to total 4,393 KMT (+51 KMT). A substantial crop increase is envisaged in Kazakhstan: up 54 KMT at 279 KMT, reports UkrAgroConsult.




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