USDA raised its rapeseed crop estimate for Belarus


In its April report, the USDA raised the 2017/18 oilseed production forecast for the Black Sea region owing to growth in the Belarusian rapeseed crop, reports UkrAgroConsult.

So, the total rapeseed crop in the Black Sea region was increased to 4696 KMT at the expense of a 303 KMT gain in Belarus (603 KMT).

The USDA left its sunseed and soybean crop forecasts for the Black Sea region unchanged at 26,515 KMT and 7,596 KMT, respectively.

More detailed information on oilseeds and vegetable oils market in the countries of Black Sea region is available to subscribers for weekly market report "Black Sea Vegoils" by UkrAgroConsult.



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