Uzbekistan may lose part of the harvest for fruit


Coming at the beginning of April in Uzbekistan frosts, rains and strong winds can destroy the harvest of stone fruit, particularly cherry, apricot, peach

Along with this, to feel the shortage of Uzbek fruit can and the Russians.

As previously reported, Russia and Uzbekistan are working on a package of agreements on accelerated customs and phytosanitary clearance with the aim of supplying the Russian market with fruit and vegetables from Uzbekistan.

As previously stated the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the first half of 2016, the import of Uzbek agricultural products to Russia up 10%: in imports of grapes have grown in 20 times, and in citrus – in 54 times.

It was also reported that Uzbekistan plans to end 2020, to double production of fruit and vegetables to the 32 million tons.


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