Vegoil production in Kazakhstan continued rising


According to the Statistics Committee of the Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan, vegoils production amounted to 34.2 KMT in February 2018 that is up 13% from the previous month. As a reminder, the current season witnesses an upward trend in production of all vegoils, reports UkrAgroConsult.

At the same time, the greatest gain took place in Kazakh production of unrefined sunoil, which set a record of 14.9 KMT. Production of refined sunoil remained at the previous month’s level of 10.3 KMT.

Output of safflower oil also hit a high in February when it reached 2.6 KMT that is up 44% from January 2018 and up 89% from February 2017.

In addition, 2.6 KMT of linseed oil was produced in the reporting month.

Overall, Kazakh crushers produced 205.8 KMT of vegoils in the first half of the current 2017/18 season (September-February), i.e. 12% more than a year ago.



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