Vegoil production in Kazakhstan set a new record


According to the Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan, vegoil production amounted to 47 KMT in December 2017. This is a new all-time monthly record, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Output of refined sunoil grew substantially to 21 KMT (13.8 KMT in November 2017). Production of unrefined sunoil dropped by 2% to 12.9 KMT. Nevertheless, this was the largest ever volume for December.

Production of cotton oil expanded considerably, too. Kazakh crushers produced 4.6 KMT of this product in December, or 2.9 times more than in November 2017 and twice as much as in December 2016.

As a reminder, according to the Kazakh Ag Ministry, oilseed plantings totaled 2372.8 Th ha in 2017. Overall acreage sown to oilseeds in the country increases steadily. It gained 335.30 Th ha in 2017 against 2016.



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