Vietnam importing record amounts of Russian corn


Russian corn exports totaled 503.1 KMT in January 2017, or up 84% from January 2016 (273.5 KMT), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Overall, Russia exported 54% more corn for the five months of 2016/17 than in the same period in MY 2015/16 (2840.2 KMT against 1849.3 KMT in September-January 2015/16).

UkrAgroConsult already wrote about the opening of the Japanese and Bangladeshi markets by Russia for its corn. Its entry into the Japanese market was also a similarly remarkable achievement. While the deliveries to Japan and Bangladesh are sporadic, those to the Vietnamese market have become more regular.

So, over 250 KMT of Russian corn was supplied to Vietnam’s market in the reporting period. Thus, the country has already become one of the top five destination markets for corn from Russia.

Please note that due to its bumper corn crop in 2016, Russia diversifies destination markets, advancing mostly into Asian countries.



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