Viterra smashes January grain export records across South Australia


South Australian grain exports have continued to break records, with 814,000 tonnes shipped through Viterra's ports last month — the company's biggest January on record.

A large portion of this total came from its two Adelaide ports, which shipped their highest-ever monthly total of 360,000 tonnes during January.

Group commercial manager Andrew Hannon said the total shipping for the 2016/17 season had now surpassed 2 million tonnes, which would be critical in moving South Australia's record-breaking crop.

"It's been a really strong harvest. We've seen the six ports export 814,000 tonnes in January," he said.

"We've just passed the 9 million tonne mark of receivals into the Viterra network. That's a massive receival number.

"We've seen that record-breaking crop come in. It's been a great effort for all the growers that have delivered right across the network."

Records broken across state

Mr Hannon said 21 sites around the state broke their season and daily receival records during the month of January.

"To put it into context, we've seen 3.21 million tonnes of grain that's come in across the western region, 1.7 million tonnes come in from the eastern region, and the central regions received just past 4 million," he said.

"So it's been a really smooth harvest despite some minor weather delays on the way through."

Mr Hannon said it was pleasing to see 11 different exporters booking shipping capacity for the season, exporting to a variety of end users in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

"What we've seen is the introduction of long-term agreements," he said.

"That has been important in contributing to the number of exporters coming into the market."

Time to get grain off farms

Mr Hannon said as harvest wrapped up across the south-east of SA, Viterra was encouraging producers not to leave grain sitting on farms.

"We are starting to see harvest wind down now. Last week we took 95,000 tonnes," he said.

"They could still be going for the next couple of weeks depending how far south-east you go, but what we're focusing on now is really starting to encourage grain to come in off farms.

"So if there is grain held on farm regardless of the storage units that it's in, we do encourage that to come in for those late harvest deliveries.

"What we have is a late harvest receival program, and from March 1 any receivals after that date are going to require a declaration before they can come into the system."


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