Waterway E-40: myth or real opportunity?


Maxim Kharchenko freight market analyst at "UkrAgroConsult"

While the parliament adopts the Law “On inland water transport”, and the Ministry of Infrastructure looks for ways to reduce transportation cost on “New Silk Road” through Ukraine, UkrAgroConsult suggests recalling the idea of creating waterway E-40. This idea is not a new one, and it has been under discussion since at least 2011. E-40 is a shipping route with a length of more than two thousand kilometers. This path should connect the Baltic and Black Seas, passing through the territories of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

River route restoration will allow shipping up to 4 MMT of cargo annually. This water transport route should give impulse to the economies of Belarus, Ukraine and Poland, as well as strengthen cooperation with the European Union. Thanks to connecting Gdansk and Odessa seaports, commodities can be delivered anywhere in the world. Besides, waterway E-40 will provide significant time saving for cargo carriers operating in Central and Eastern Europe.

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