Weekend rains brought relieve to Argentina soy crop


Rains that fell in the last weekend in dry areas in the major producing regions of Argentina helped producers to end the soybeans planting, according to climate expert Natalia Gattinoni from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA). Farmers in this state worried that excessively dry in the North of the province of Buenos Aires was blocking the planting of soybeans in some areas.

“In the Central and Northern parts of the country the rains were significant, but inconsistent. Some areas had an important volume of rains, while others have not,” stated Gattinoni.

For instance, parts of the Córdoba province and the major location of Junín in the North of the Buenos Aires province received more than 1.9 inches of precipitation, she added. Farmers further in the South were not as lucky.

“It rained a little bit in the North of the country in the weekend. It did not rain here, but we already planted all the soybeans we planned to sow,” said Fernando Meoli, a producer in the South of the Buenos Aires province, in an interview to Reuters. He relied on 0.7 inches of rains and achieved to end planting last week.

Argentina is estimated to harvest 52 million metric tons in this season, according to the Rosario Board of Trade. The previous estimate was 52 million metric tons.


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