WEF raises port infrastructure estimate of Black Sea countries


The quality of port infrastructure is an important factor for the Black Sea countries, because the main grain export flows pass through sea gates. In 2017, WEF raised port estimates for all leading agro-exporting countries of the Black Sea region.

Annual global competitiveness ranking, which is published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates 12 competitiveness indicators and is compiled on basis of open information and expert opinions. Extensive and developed infrastructure is crucial for ensuring effective functioning of the economy. Therefore, transport infrastructure estimate is one of the key components of the ranking, which includes quality of roads, railways and ports.

Development of ports is a "bright spot" in the transport infrastructure of Ukraine. Attraction of investments, construction of new terminals and carrying out of dredging improves quality of port infrastructure over the second consecutive year. UkrAgroConsult believes that next year concession of Kherson TSP, port of Olvia, as well as the entry of such port operators as Hutchison Ports and DP World will help to strengthen competitiveness of Ukrainian seaports on the global stage.

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