Wheat and barley harvesting in Ukraine drawing to an end


In Ukraine, early cereals and pulses were harvested from 9379 Th ha (97% of the intended area), as of August 14, 2017 against 9590 Th ha, as of by August 15, 2016. Farmers gathered 36070 KMT with an average yield of 3.85 MT/ha against 37756 KMT with an average yield of 3.94 MT/ha, as of August 15, 2016, reports UkrAgroConsult.

These included 25824 KMT of wheat harvested from 6224 Th ha (98% of the planned 6379 Th ha) with an average yield of 4.15 MT/ha against 6160 Th ha and 4.28 MT/ha last year. Barley was harvested from 2473 Th ha (98% of the planned 2515 Th ha) against 2865 Th ha at the same time in 2016. Its crop amounted to 8408 KMT with an average yield of 3.40 MT/ha (9768 KMT with a yield of 3.41 MT/ha last year).

Pea harvesting in Ukraine is almost complete as well. As of August 14, farmers got 1090 KMT of peas from 409 Th ha (out of 410 Th ha planned) with an average yield of 2.66 MT/ha. As of August 15, 2016, these figures equaled 763 KMT, 236 Th ha and 3.23 MT/ha, respectively.

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