Winter crops in Ukraine reliably protected by snow cover


Owing to available snow cover, soil temperatures at the depth of winter crops’ tillering node (3 cm) bottomed out at -2-14°C that is far above their killing values, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Irrigated Farming Institute of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, (tight) ice crust observed on the ground in most winter crops fields of Kherson region (except for the northern part and Azov coastal areas) since mid-January collapsed at the end of January. In Kyiv region snow cover was compacted in the majority of fields, especially in above the surface zone. Its depth ranges 4-11 cm, depending on the fields’ micro-relief. Ice crust that developed on January 14-15 still remains in low spots of the fields, its depth varies within 5-50 mm.

In Kharkiv region, 11-19 mm-thick ice crust that formed between December 11-20 has not yet melted or collapsed either. Currently it is 20-24 mm deep.

Overwintering of winter wheat and winter rye is satisfactory as of today. Fields of very late seeded winter barley may become an exception, as its critical killing temperature is considerably higher.

Harsh frosts are expected in Ukraine from February 7. They will affect most regions, maybe except for the west and south. The severest frosts (below -20°C) are predicted in Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv and Luhansk regions. At the same time, precipitation is forecast to occur in most of the country from February 6 - 8. Already in the morning of February 6, the above-mentioned regions were mostly covered with more than 20-30 cm of snow, even with up to 50 cm in some areas. Thus, no threat to winter cereals is expected in this period, UkrAgroConsult’s analysts note.

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