Winter rape in Ukraine is safe


February’s weather has featured significantly fluctuating air temperatures by now. On February 1-5, they peaked at +5-14ºС almost all over the country. A cold snap occurred on February 5. The minimum air temperature dropped to -6ºС in the south, -10ºС in the east, -13ºС in the central and eastern regions and -15ºС in the north. The temporary rise in air temperature early in the month melted snow cover in most regions. Subsequent precipitation in the form of rain and sleet, followed by the cold snap, led to the formation of tight ice crust in small relief depressions across part of the fields in North Ukraine.

At the moment, the soil is frozen to a depth of 10 to 50 cm. The lowest soil temperature near the tillering node ranges from -0.5ºС (west) to -6ºС (north and east of Ukraine) – this is far above the critical temperature limit even for underdeveloped crops, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Ag Ministry’s information as of February 8, winter rape has emerged on 98.6% of its planted area of 1009.8 Th ha. This includes 56.8% (566.0 Th ha) of plantings currently in good condition.

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