Winter rapeseed still dormant in Ukraine


The weather was warmer than usual in the northern, central and eastern regions of Ukraine and typical for the end of February in the rest of the country.  Precipitation was insignificant. The average daily air temperature ranged from -4°C to +3°C, i.e. it was actually like at the same time a year ago but 2-4°C above normal. Air temperatures peaked at +3-8°C and bottomed out at 13°C below zero. Minor precipitation occurred almost all over the country in the form of snow, sleet, rain and fog, with its rates between 2 and 11 mm. Snow cover gradually melted and thinned to 2-25 cm.

Favorable weather conditions allowed growers to begin spring fieldwork in late February. Winter rape has been fertilized on an area of 96 Th ha.

Winter rapeseed crops are still dormant now, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Ag Ministry’s information as of February 23, winter rape has been planted on an area of 899.2 Th ha and emerged on 859.9 Th ha (95.6%). 40.5% of its plantings are in good condition and 0.2% of winter rapeseed acreage is lost.



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