UkrAgroConsult invites agribsusiness players to analyze the global trends of the agricultural market, learn to determine trends and patterns, forecast prices, anticipate and hedge risks in changeable market conditions.

Trade conflict between the US and China radically changes the prospects for agricultural markets for the next few years. Since China has the lion's share of US soybean exports, import restriction will lead to extremely high soybean stocks in the US. The next stage will be a collapse in prices and drasctic change in the global sowing areas.

The most likely scenario for the further market development is a significant expansion of corn areas in the US, which, under favorable weather conditions, will lead to an excess supply of corn and toughening global competition. The South American factor is also making its own adjustments to the world market development scenario.

Agribusiness should be prepared for the forthcoming global changes. What risks can you foresee now? What to expect from the new season?

We invite you to review and analyze the global trends of the agricultural market, learn to determine trends and patterns, forecast prices, anticipate and hedge risks.

Workshop speakers have over 20 years of experience in global agricultural market analysis, risk management and development of effective business strategies.

Event will be useful for traders, agri producers and market analysts, will feature practical tasks and cases.




10.00 - 10.30 Registration & Coffee

10.30 - 21.30  

Session 1.

Global Trends of 2018/19 season. How will the structure of global sowing areas change?

Factors determining price trends

Speaker - Paul McAuliffe, President, WCA Corp. USA


• Analysis of price correlation for agricultural crops, impact of margin on sowing areas structure. Practical application of the US model (corn / soybean)

• The impact of tariff regulation on the behavior of global markets

• Geopolitical and economic risks



Ukraine: Adjusting business to new global challenges

Speaker - Yulia Garkavenko, UkrAgroConsult

• Price ratio and farmer decisions on crop structure in 2019/20 season

• Basic scenarios for Ukrainian market

• Risks and opportunities


12.30 - 14.00      Lunch


14.00-16.00 Price spread application in trade. Hedging

Paul McAuliffe, President, WCA Corp., USA

  • Why the spread price calculation is so important. Price Spread Application in trade practice, models and cases
  • Hedging instruments. Sales strategies



Participants of the ‘Black Sea Oil Trade’ conference are offered 10% discount for attending the workshop.



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