World class grain system must be maintained


Recently there has been a public push by the Western Canadian Wheat Growers to change the Canadian varietal registration and grading system to allow American grown wheat full access into our export system. As usual, their simplistic approach ignores the economic pitfalls that Canadian farmers will face should this occur.

Canada’s grading system is unique in the world, with all of the wheat varieties that are accepted into our system assigned to a specific class that is based upon their characteristics. These characteristics include such things as protein content, and ensure uniformity within the class so that our customers are assured of a product that meets their end needs.

The Americans, however, simply accept any variety that is put forward, and it is up to customers to test each and every shipment to determine if it meets their specifications. As well, it is up to every farmer to decide if a variety meets both their own agronomic needs, and the end-use needs of potential customers.

Canada’s unsurpassed reputation for the world’s best quality wheat will be put at risk if we allow inferior quality American varieties unfettered access to our handling system. Our customers will no longer be assured that the grain they purchase meets the exacting standards and uniformity that has been Canada’s hallmark of a superior product.

This most recent lobby by the WCWG threatens to debase Canadian farmers’ quality system, and endangers our ability to provide a superior product to our customers.

Canadian farmers have to stand up for our world-class system that delivers outstanding value and quality, both to ourselves and to our customers. We can’t afford to let our standards be degraded by relinquishing the advantages we have developed over the last century.


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