World's most expensive rice to launch in Singapore next month


The priciest rice in the world will soon be available to Singapore consumers.

Listed in last year's Guinness World Records as the world's most expensive rice, the Kinmemai Premium blend goes for US$109 (S$149) per kilogramme.

The product can be ordered online from at S$155 for a box of six 140g sachets from Nov 1.

Singapore is one of the first countries outside Japan where the rice will be available.

The company is marketing its new blend as being more flavourful, sweeter and more nutritious than other brands of rice.

The blend consists of five varieties of award-winning grain from Japan's Gunma, Gifu, Kumamoto, Nagano and Niigata prefectures, according to the company, which added that the rice grains are matured for six months to enhance their texture and flavour.

The company already has two products in Singapore - Kinmemai Better White and Kinmemai Better Brown. Kinmemai Better White has a recommended price of S$9.40 for a 1kg bag, and Kinmemai Better Brown has a recommended price of S$9.80 for a 1kg bag.

Kinmemai spokesperson Zaim Zahari said that the company hopes Singapore could be the launchpad for the Asia-Pacific market, and is looking to launch Kinmemai Premium in Hong Kong next year.


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