Year 2017 as a test for the Ukrainian mayonnaise market


The mayonnaise market in Ukraine experienced hard times in the last two years. As a reminder, it passed a few development stages, beginning from the consumer market saturation period in 2003-2007, a slight production decline towards 2010 and subsequent stabilization in 2010-2013. The following period (2014-2015) saw a slump in outputs. So, mayonnaise production plummeted to 126.1 KMT in 2015 against a record 183.5 KMT in 2007. That was how mayonnaise makers responded to sinking demand both in the domestic and foreign markets.

In 2016, the fat-and-oil industry produced 124.6 KMT of mayonnaise. Although the downward trend in production was not reversed in 2016, the industry gradually regains its position in the mayonnaise market.

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