Yuzhny acknowledged as an example of development for Ukrainian ports


Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) says its Head, Raivis Veckagans, held an enlarged session with the Heads of port authorities and management apparatus aimed at expanding the application of the best practices of the industry.The meeting was held at the USPA branch in Yuzhny port on July 6, 2017.

«Yuzhny is not only the largest port in Ukraine in terms of transshipment, but also the deepest in Azov and Black Sea Basin. None of ourports has such approach to development, i.e. strategic, providing all possible vectors, the work in all directions, with a wide range of investors and port operators. Practice of Yuzhny branch of the USPA that consists of four steps has shown its effectiveness and is worth it to be realize in other ports by analogy. Steps: feasibility study of the water area development, approval of this feasibility study by the Port’s council, obtaining conclusion about the state expertiseof the document, approval of feasibility studyby the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine,» — said Raivis Veckagans, the Head of the USPA.

After this first meeting, Raivis Veckagans intends to conduct similar meeting in all branches, discussing both development plans and operational issues. The task for the branch managers will be to implement the approaches of Yuzhny to attract investors and for the efficient development of the water area. Port Council shall be held in the nearest future to discuss with stevedores the application of Yuzhny approach in terms of developing feasibility studies for the development of water areas and general layouts for the development of ground infrastructure.

The three largest dredging projects started have started in Yuzhny in 2017, contracts for which were concluded with the world's leading companies, and the total amountis close to 2 billion UAH. Agreements were prepared in accordance with the highest international standards, and choice of contractors was made via e-procurement system Prozorro. According to the Head of the USPA, Yuzhny team has a unique experience in the development and approval of feasibility study of performing capital dredging, development of port infrastructure, so he instructed the managers of other ports to adopt the port’s experience.

«We have startegic approach in addressing the issue of long-term development rather than situational. We show a quick return on investment, but more important its effectiveness. We will not reduce either the pace or the volumes once we have achieved the current indicators.The next step is the development of layout of the port infrastructure development for public useand the territories adjacent to the port. Our to-do list for upcoming years consists of new projects, development of auto-and railway infrastructure, simplification of procedures for business.Our experience can and will be used by other Ukrainian ports,» said Maxim Shirokov, the Head of Yuzhny Sea Port Authority.

To recall, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine approved the Port development plan until 2038 in April. Its implementation will increase the capacity for cargo transshipment till 120milliontons per year, 870 thousand TEU and 10 billion cubic meters of gas. In addition, 5.8 kilometers of the berthing front are formed, and 3,500 new jobs will be created.

Yuzhny seaportis the largest in Ukraine in terms of transshipment, it accounts for 33% of the total volume of cargo traffic.In 2016, the port terminalsof Yuzhny have passed over 39,292milliontons of cargo.


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