Zimbabwe: Arda Targets 200 000 Tonnes for Winter Wheat


THE Agricultural Rural Development Authority (Arda) has set a target of 200 000 metric tonnes for its winter wheat crop in bid to revive the country's self-sufficiency and reduce imports.

Zimbabwe requires in excess of 400 000 metric tonnes annually, but local farmers have over the years failed to meet the demand, forcing the country to resort to imports.

"We need 400 000 metric tonnes, that's our budget for consumption and this year we want to do 50 percent of that if we can. We want to do up to 200 000 metric tonnes to eliminate imports," ARDA chairman, Basil Nyabadza, said.

Nyabadza said over six ARDA estates will plant the winter crop this year, with help from partners.

ARDA farms cover 98 000 hectares of land.

ARDA estates in Ngwizi, Antelope Estate in Maphisa and Gweru's Fair Acres among other estates have been earmarked for winter this season.

Antelope Estate in Maphisa topped with 400 hectares of the winter crop last season.

Wheat production has declined over the years with last year's winter crop statistics indicating production output of 60 000 tonnes.

However, independent statistics show that wheat production was pegged at 30 000 tonnes.


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