Zimbabwe: Grain Processors Set to Convene


Grain processors, who have committed to off take 800 000 tonnes of grain from the Specialised Maize programme, Command Agriculture, are engaged in high level consultations on buying arrangements and on the Command Agriculture winter wheat programme.

The agro processors, under the banner of the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe are also consulting on the proposed enabling legislation for the sector, 2017/18 fertiliser imports and contract farming. The meeting convened by the grain processors apex body, GMAZ and slated for Friday 23 June, to be held under the theme; "2016 /17 Command Agriculture Maize Buying Arrangements", will also deliberate on the Grain Marketing Body commercial activities and will receive an update on Command Agriculture winter wheat programme.

All members, affiliates and associates of GMAZ, including grain traders, millers and stockbreeders will attend the high level meeting.

On fortification, GMAZ has been engaging Government seeking for an indefinite suspension of the mandatory food fortification programme scheduled to commence next month saying it would cost about $20 million to import the equipment and machinery to do the fortification.

Moreover, the milling industry said, if Government proceeded to force through the July 1 mandatory fortification commencement date the sector would be forced to fork out no less than $7 million monthly for the importation of fortificants used in the fortification process. According to the millers association, these new costs would compound the sector's woes at a time they are battling to settle an outstanding $87 million foreign exchange bill on wheat and maize already imported since August 2016 as a result of the depletion of the nostros.


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