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Soybean market doomed to experience a turning point in 2019/20
Soybean market doomed to experience a turning point in 2019/20
Consumers of Ukrainian linseed will have to reduce their wants
2018/19 rapeseed season in Ukraine to see new records
Rapeseed yield failed Bulgarian growers in 2018/19 season, but importers will not be affected
Ukraine. Soybean market expecting record crushing
Black Sea sunseed production expected to set a record
Ukraine: new 2018/19 season will see plenty of rapeseed for everyone
Russia: oilseed crop forecast for MY 2018/19
Bulgarian rapeseed growers to stand their ground in the new season
Ukraine. Oilseed markets’ potential in MY 2018/19 grows due to the sunseed crop
Bulgarian sunseed balance expected to be tight in MY 2018/19
Ukraine. Oilseed planting estimates for the new season are controversial as never before
Current 2017/18 season: Kazakhstan’s oilseed sector moving in the intended direction
New 2018/19 oilseed season: everything is predictable, but not without intrigue
Ukraine’s rapeseed market looking to the new season with optimism
Ukraine. Oilseed crop in 2018/19 season
Long-term prospects for rapeseed production in Bulgaria are doubtful
Ukraine will double rapeseed exports this season
Growing potential of the Bulgarian sunseed market in the new season to be tapped within the country
Growth of sunoil prices inevitable due to a crop shortfall in Ukraine
Kazakhstan oilseeds: the first steps towards implementing the agriculture development program
Ukraine diversifying end markets for high oleic sunoil
Ukrainian soybean market unlikely to hit new highs in 2017/18 season
Bulgaria: past and present of oilseeds
Ukraine imported some 146 KMT of palm oil this 2016/17 season
Russia. Quite optimistic outlook for the new oilseed season
Ukraine. Concerns about a sharp decrease in sunflower plantings are not justified
Ukrainian rapeseed crushers may set a new record
Bulgaria continues stepping up sunseed production
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