China’s Delta variant worsens, corona cases doubled, lockdown imposed in some places

Beijing, Reuters. The Delta variant of Corona has worsened the situation in cities of Southeast China. Corona is increasing rapidly in Fujian province. Travel restrictions have been tightened here. According to Chinese health officials, the number of corona patients in Fujian province has increased from 59 to 102 in four days. Corona has increased rapidly here in Xiamen and Putin cities. Lockdown has been imposed in some places in both these cities. Corona has started in Fujian province from the city of Putin itself. Due to the rising corona, China has stopped some regular flights along with train services in many cities. Due to Corona, China’s air traffic declined by 51.5 percent in August.

Here, according to Pretr, Britain has announced that it will start giving booster doses to people over the age of fifty from next week. Health Minister Sajid Javid has given this information to the Parliament. At the same time, the lockdown has been extended till October 15 in Canberra, the capital of Australia.

According to AP, he has self-isolated after finding a corona patient among people living close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin has received both doses of the corona vaccine. He had got the Sputnik V vaccine in April. A Kremlin spokesman said that Putin is completely healthy.

At the same time, cases of infection have started increasing again in America. Hospitals are filling up with patients infected with the delta variant of the virus, a large number of children are falling ill and in some places there are many deaths due to corona virus. After schools reopened their classes, a large number of corona cases are being found among these children.

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