Chinese soldiers are unable to fight at high altitudes, this is also a big reason behind withdrawing from LAC

Beijing, ANI. China is making every effort by spending money to increase its military strength. Making new weapons, increasing ammunition-missile stock, giving weapons a state-of-the-art look. But his soldiers are not capable of fighting in high places. This was also a major reason for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to retreat after its incursion into eastern Ladakh. Whereas Indian soldiers stood bravely throughout the winter and snowy season despite less preparations at relatively higher bases in the same area.

Capable of deployment in less time

According to the US magazine National Interest, China is capable of short-term deployment of self-propelled rocket launchers, self-propelled howitzers and long-range rocket launchers at high altitudes. He did this during the incursion into eastern Ladakh. He had also made the videos public by doing firing exercises at high altitude places. China’s state-run newspaper Global Times released news and videos related to it.

PLA tried to scare

Through these, the PLA had tried to show that it had proficiency in the battle of high mountain areas. During this time, China tried to demonstrate its superiority in achieving cargo capability like America’s Chinook helicopter. This American helicopter is capable of delivering heavy weapons in the inaccessible mountainous areas. These helicopters are also with the Indian Air Force.

But despite building the power of weapons and machines on the mountains, China could not instil the will to fight in the soldiers who used them. PLA soldiers are not able to withstand the challenges of the environment in high altitude areas. They are not able to fight the lack of oxygen and temperatures far below zero.

PLA had realized this weakness

During the standoff with India on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, the Chinese government and the PLA realized this weakness very well. This was also a major reason behind China’s willingness to withdraw troops from the LAC. Because the Chinese soldiers stationed at high altitude were becoming increasingly ill and they were proving to be physically and mentally weak to compete with Indian soldiers.

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