Village Boy Basant Rai from India builds Wi-Fi by watching YouTube Videos

All over the world people are addicted to the internet. The internet is filled with the information and is used for to seek information on anything across the globe on a real-time basis. Communicate, collaborate with others. Telecommute to the office or work from home. Do transactions with business entities. Download files from a remote. Get educated and entertained. Carry out social. Do group activities. Collect operational data from remote equipment (stationary as well as moving). Process data while it is streamed to the central server. Get real-time data on the surrounding devices, systems, weather to automate activities. Design a decision-taking system as against the decision support system. Connect people, stakeholders, machines, and everything.

People find it very difficult to live without the internet. During the lockdown as well, the internet was used for video conferencing, meeting and for children education since schools were shut. The internet has become very important. However various remote Indian villages do not have access to internet. Many children missed out on their education because of this. A young boy from a remote village in West Bengal builds a Wi-Fi connection in his village. Let me tell you how. Basant Rai hails from a small village in Jaldhaka, West Bengal, India. He was only 16 years old. He built Wi-Fi connected to a satellite with 5G services. He used spare parts from Calculator, Remote, Battery, etc. to connect it to the satellite. He was successful in creating the Wi-Fi and is letting 5 individuals use it. They have been using the high-speed internet without a glitch. Basant Rai claims that he has achieved the feat by watching tutorials on YouTube and Google. The news of this intelligent boy went viral.

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